The Pocket Coach is a competence development app that empowers learners to take charge of their own development.
It is for everyone in any business.

It can be used in three ways

Pocket Coach
Quick Start Quick Start

getting new recruits competent in their new job effectively, efficiently and in record time

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re-boot Re-Boot

refreshing, and re powering existing team members to perform at the top of their game (not the middle)

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LT Learning Transfer

ensuring that what is learned in training is applied in the workplace (not lost in transit)

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Pocket Coach

The Pocket Coach is a competence development and accreditation system that is available on smart phones, tablets and desktops for IOS and Android.

A pocket coach that provides managers and employees with the tools to rapidly and easily develop skills and confidence

  • Increasing sales and profit
  • Increasing staff happiness and retention
  • Increasing customer satisfaction
  • Increasing learning transfer into work routines
  • Platform for peer group support
  • Self-driven learning experience
Pocket Coach

A premium version that has all the features of The Pocket Coach solution plus

A learning resource library of Audio, Videos, Tests, Quizzes, Documents & links

What makes The Pocket Coach so different?

It gives learners the power to develop their own competence and managers and peers the tools to support them. Here are just some of the powerful features...

  • What to do and how to do it descriptions for a specific job
  • Target setting & progress ladder
  • Witnessing
  • The 4DS sign off process
  • Peer support and feedback via the app
  • Reminders
  • Learning resources specific to each task (Pocket Coach Plus)
  • Facility to upload user generated content
  • Bespoke reporting to line managers & learning academy (Pocket Coach Plus)

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How does it work?

Pocket Coach

Assess understanding skill & confidence

Pocket Coach

Selected peers provide development support

Pocket Coach

Learn via Videos, Audios, Tests, Quizzes, Info ( Pocket Coach + )

Pocket Coach

Sign off when competence is demonstrated

Target setting and progress ladder

This progress ladder enables the learner to set targets, which are communicated to others in the network (their managers and witnesses) and to track and record the sign off of demonstrated competence

Reminders are sent as the target deadline approaches


What & How

An easy to read, plain English, description of what needs to be done and how, for every step in the process of completing a task within a job



The only test of competence is the demonstration of it. Paper tests and on line quizzes indicate knowledge NOT competence.

Competence needs to be demonstrated and witnessed by someone who has volunteered to do so and has the necessary experience and ability in the task they are witnessing.

It is always best to have several witnesses, one for each job task such as Greeting, Qualifying, Presenting, Finance etc

Watch the video to find out more

Self Driven Development

The Pocket Coach is designed to empower the learner to take responsibility for their own learning & drive their own development by giving them the tools to do so.

The Pocket Coach has a full description of what their job entails

The Pocket Coach+ has a range of learning resources that can help them whenever they need.

Watch the video to find out more


Whilst support can always be face to face, sometimes we don’t want to interrupt people if they are busy, so a quick message sent via the system to one or all witnesses can be less intrusive and give an instant answer when it is needed. Peer feedback can be given regularly and easily



We’re all busy, we sometimes forget, so The Pocket Coach gently reminds you so that you achieve the goals you set yourself


Task Reminders


Target Reminders


Deadline Reminders



The Pocket Coach+ can link to any external Source, Websites, LMS, Learning Content Platforms, Third Party Apps


The Pocket Coach+ can create learning content specific to any industry and any client. Contact us to discuss how we can help


Learners can upload (curated) learner generated content, such as videos, drawings, docs, case studies, photos, and audios to share with others and increase engagement and effectiveness

The Pocket Coach+ Reporting

Line Managers & other key stakeholders can be given access to the The Pocket Coach dashboard in which all activities, progress and achievements are logged. Reports can be downloaded and printed Reports can also be scheduled to be sent the those stakeholders who need them in order to monitor and support learners and witnesses.

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The section about observing staff and having them signed off as competent is a fantastic idea, it means that the new member of staff will be sufficiently trained in each area of the role.

I have worked in the trade for two and a half years now and I would have loved having The Pocket Coach when I first started.

- Adam Day, Sales Consultant

It is so important that in our profession when we have an opportunity of that single customer interaction we have staff of the highest level of competence and ability, and The Pocket Coach would certainly reassure me that any staff member would be fully prepared to represent our brand in that moment of time.

- Alan Rennison-Rae, Branch Manager

Senior Team

Founder & CEO, David J Hall

Founder & CEO, David J Hall

Management Consultant & Trainer with 30yrs experience in Training & Development in the Motor, Hospitality, Care Home, IT, & Transportation industries and in Virtual Classroom design & delivery

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Mark Hodgkinson - Strategic Advisor

Mark Hodgkinson - Strategic Advisor

Ex. Chief Exec - Virgin Money,

Executive VP - EMI,

Digital & FS Director - Asda

Jainam Shah - CTO

Jainam Shah - CTO

CEO Moweb Technologies

10 years specializing in APP development

Richard Fairman - Finance Advisor

Richard Fairman - Finance Advisor


Finance Director - Virgin Money,

CFO - Central Trust PLC


Kruti Shah, Project Manager

Kruti Shah

Project Manager

Kaushal Panchal, UI/UX Designer

Kaushal Panchal


The Pocket Coach Portfolio


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Pocket Coach
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Pocket Coach
for your Job

We are developing new Pocket Coaches all the time.
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The Pocket Coach is a team tool - your team can have The Pocket Coach in their pocket for as little as £3.50 pp per week

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A witness must be someone who is credible and keen. If they have the experience and competence to be able to know what good looks like in the particular element of the job that they are witnessing and enthusiastic about encouraging high standards in others then they qualify.

No. A witness listens to what a learners says and watches what a learner does and measures it against the standards, behaviours and process described in The Sign Off System. A coach may have many more responsibilities and a Mentor and a Teacher would have different approaches and skillsets.

The Sign Off System has a number of short self study modules that Witnesses can complete and there is an Pocket Coach helpline for all users.

A manager can be a witness too, but the managers main role in The Sign Off System is to MONITOR what is happening and support the learners and witnesses in developing competence

If the Manager suspects that the Witness has a bias because that learner is a friend or is under pressure from the learner because they think that they are good enough without needing sign off then the manager can ask for double sign off, where two people have to sign the learner off, the manager themselves can be that second person or when a learner is ready to be signed off the learner team can be asked for a thumbs up on the app so that there is a majority agreement. Ultimately if a witness continues to sign people off before they are competent they can be asked to step aside from the role.

As many or as few as they wish. They are not compulsory. They are a resource to be used as the Learner chooses. The Manager or the Witness may recommend that some could be helpful, but it is up to the learner.

Pocket Coach is about having the Understanding, Skills & Confidence to do the job not a test of how many modules you have completed

Not at all, if anything Pocket Coach will act as a bridge between those face to face courses or E learning courses and the workplace. Much of what is learned on an off site course can be lost on the way back and never get established as part of new best practice. Pocket Coach can help to apply what has been learned and have sign off as proof that there has been a real return on investment.

The success of Pocket Coach depends on the engagement of as many people as possible contributing to the development and maintenance of standards of competence. Because there is no limit to the number of users as many people as possible can participate. Some people would attempt to reduce cost by only having a manager one witness and a learner putting huge pressure on a few people and thereby guaranteeing that The Sign Off System would fail to deliver

Set up involves taking appropriate Brand and Company Processes, Standards and Behaviours, Tests, Quizzes, Reference Documents, Videos, Audios and other support materials and configuring them to work on Pocket Coach and be available for use by Learners, Witnesses and Managers, A licence gives people access to that specific Pocket Coach once it has been set up.

Because the Process are different, the Learning Activities are different and the context is different, one would not transfer to the other.

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